NorthWest Arkansas Community College

NorthWest Arkansas Community College

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at NorthWest Arkansas Community College is to optimize institutional effectiveness through facilitating an evidence based, organizational culture of continuous improvement (CI) supported by effective processes, valid measures, and appropriate assessment. The goals of the office are to: 1. Develop and maintain system for collecting, maintaining and accessing relevant data in support of AQIP accreditation. 2. Promote continuous improvement through maintaining an effective AQIP Action Project management process, supporting process improvement teams in units across campus, and communicating successful process improvements initiatives. 3. Ensure AQIP accreditation by maintaining Action Projects, Systems Portfolio, responding appropriately to Systems Appraisals, and facilitating a successful Quality Check-Up visit. 4. Ensure that all administrative units are periodically reviewed and utilize strategies consistent with the best continuous improvement strategies and accreditation guidelines mandated by AQIP. 5. Facilitate a change process to become a continuous improvement, evidence based organizational culture by promoting the use of various continuous improvement tools. 6. Facilitate communication and dissemination of information about accreditation, institutional effectiveness, and assessment activities.

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